Matrix Reimprinting

Matrix Reimprinting is a technique created by Karl Dawson that evolved from EFT and is used to treat traumatic experiences in the past that consciously or sub-consciously affect our daily lives. The tapping process in EFT allows us to release stress and trauma and cope with a painful past memory. Every deeply distressing experience creates a field of energy called the ECHO (Energy Conscious Hologram), with memories and associated negative inferences and beliefs trapped in them. We carry these ECHOs throughout our lives, like inner children, and let these painful memories dictate our future decisions, often without conscious awareness. Matrix Reimprinting allows one to revisit these memories, without the accompanying traumatic reaction, and lets one rewire or reimprint these negative conclusions with more positive ones, literally changing the memory. This approach, therefore, is particularly helpful in treating addictions, phobias, relationship issues and so on.

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