Bach Flower Remedies

We often look for solutions to physical ailments in nature. But for mental and emotional ailments, we tend to resort to popping pills. Dr Edward Bach was born in England in1886. As a child Bach was extremely sensitive and a lover of nature. He acutely felt the suffering of others. Dr Bach believed that treating the physical symptoms was not enough. The body is a mirror reflecting the thoughts in the mind. Like Hahnemann, the founder of homeopathy his method of treatment was,' Treat the patient and not the disease'. He already knew that when negative thoughts had been overcome, the body would also respond. He found 38 flowers to cover 38 negative states of mind. These 38 remedies constitute a complete system of healing; each plant having been specifically chosen for its primary function – the ability to treat the mind. The remedies treat the person, not the disease, and although times change, the remedies move along with the people, not the time.

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