Hypnotherapy center in bangalore

These techniques seem a little unconventional. Does these really work?

The concept of energy channels running through the body is widely accepted all over the world, especially in India. Several healing techniques are built around these physical energy channels. These techniques have helped several people to resolve chronic concerns , post-operative pains and generally to achieve a healthy lifestyle.

How is an individual therapy plan decided?

You will have a consultation with one of our Practitioners in which your issues, your lifestyle and your history will be discussed in detail. Based on the requirement, we come up with a plan of one therapeutic protocol or a combination of therapies.

Will I need to be medicated?

All the practices are completely noninvasive. The Bach Flower remedies are safe even on new born babies. Allergic concerns of the individual can be addressed in the consultation.

What are the possible side effects?

There are no side effects to these practices as they are completely noninvasive. As mentioned, allergic concerns for Bach Flower remedies can be addressed in the consultation.

I'm already undergoing another treatment in a hospital. What should I do?

These practices are completely safe and can be used in combination with your regular treatment.

Does EFT it work on everyone?

It works on sceptics and believers alike. It is so simple and yet profound.

Hypnotherapy center in bangalore

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